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Saturday, January 19, 2008

A craaaazzzyyyy 'Google' search !!?!?!!

Just a few minutes ago, i got a crazy thought... "Can i get the list of all the top search queries the users search for on Google ??" And to satisfy this distracted mind of mine what else could be better than a search on Google itself.... !?!?!

So i entered the terms : "top search queries on google" in the Google search bar and lo, there it was, a long list of about 1,150,000 results... do u also love searching on Google.. Then here it is, the query i fired, for u , check it out: Search query. As always the first result is the most result... so i quickly clicked on the first result and to my surprise i got it.. yes, i got the list of all the top search queries and that too more than i had expected... :)

Now i think that there's some good similarity between me and the people at Google.. ;) Why ?? bcoz the site that i found is none other than the Google Press Center. When u enter the site the title says: "Zeitgeist: Search patterns, trends, and surprises"... "Zeitgeist"... feels awkward, isn't it ?? what a name... but don't worry, the Google people would have expected that people would search for its meaning, so to make ur task easier they have described the word on the site itself... so what does it mean ?
zeit·geist | Pronunciation:'tsIt-"gIst, 'zIt | Function: noun | Etymology: German,from Zeit (time) + Geist (spirit) | Date: 1884 | Meaning:the general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era."

U'll find everything u can think of about the top search queries... It shows the search queries to such a great extent...wow... !! U can even get the list of the top queries within the last 10 minutes.. isn't is amazing ?? One more great feature is that they have provided the top query list "By Country" also.....

So enjoy now looking at the queries and check if ur search is in the top or not...!!??!