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Friday, January 4, 2008

Adding 'Post a comment' widget like Wordpress to ur Blog...

So as per my promise, i'll disclose the secret about the 'post a comment' widget like Wordpress in Blogger.

It will look like this after u have added it :

The service is totally FREE and the only thing u need is to sign up for it. It is provided by Haloscan.. sounds familiar, isn't it ?? Initially, u must have seen it when u signed up for the blog... i didn't know what exactly it was meant for and so had removed it from my template..

Anyway coming to the point, after signing up for haloscan u'll be brought onto the Dashboard. On that page u'll be able to see the menu items.

Now follow this steps :

1. In the menu items, select 'Members'.

2. In the sub menu that appears, there will be different options, select 'Install'.

3. Now on the page that opens, select the weblog tool that u've used. For me it was 'Blogger or Blogspot (New Version).

4. Before clicking on the 'Next' button, also select whether u want to 'display trackback code' and/or 'display rating stars'. The rating stars is a new functionality added by Haloscan in partnership with JS-Kit. Its worth adding.

5. After u click on 'Next', u'll be redirected to the 'Blogger Installation Wizard'.

From this step its easy enough, if u follow the instructions given.

And finally after u have uploaded the changed template to ur blog, there u have the easy, fantastic commenting facility for ur readers.

If u r confused or don't get any step, post me a comment and i'll get back to u as soon as possible.

Also feel free to comment if this post was useful to u..

Happy 'comments' reading !!!