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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

All the lyrics in ur media player !!

If u r a music lover like me then it for sure tht some or the other time u'd have searched the internet for the lyrics of ur favorite song.. The main problem that i used to face (since i got this beautiful thing, no more do i search for the lyrics on the net) was tht while 'Googling' for the lyrics it hardly happened tht in the first shot i was able to get tht lyrics... The other thing was tht u don't get the lyrics until ur song is complete (i don't know why but it always happens !!).. So u have to play it for the next time after finding the lyrics to sing alongwith the song...

So this time when i played a song, instead of searching for the lyrics of the song i tried searching for a piece of software which can help me in searching the lyrics.. While searching i came across a site which offered a plugin - addon for the Windows Media Player. They promised tht it wud search for the lyrics automatically once u start playing the song !! I was so delighted.. But tht delight remained just till i installed it.. Oh Nooooooooooooooo ...!!! It asked for a registration number and then going back to the site i found tht a few bucks had to be paid for tht small plugin..

Again the task of 'Googling' began with a new spirit this time - to search for a new plugin but for FREE !! The word FREE always attracts us, isn't it ??

It wasn't long before i was successful in finding the real thing.. !! Yes, i found it out.. a FREE plugin for Windows Media Player as well as Winamp..

U can download it from here : FREE Lyrics Plugin

Believe me its awesome.. Its a download of mere 80 KB.. !! Also the success rate for searching lyrics is gr8.. It finds almost all the lyrics.. Remember to keep ur internet connected !!


  1. Very light on the system.

  2. Success rate is awesome, finds almost all lyrics.

  3. U can always edit the lyrics if u feel something wrong somewhere or even the add lyrics if u don't find them.

  4. U can customize the fonts of the lyrics, the font colour, the font size and the background colour.

  5. It provides a 'Search Google' link which on clicking takes u to Google alongwith the song name and singer as the query eg. if u r listening to Westlife's 'Seasons in the sun' then it googles a query 'Westlife Seasons In The Sun lyrics'.. so u don't have to even type for searching the lyrics. ;)

  6. If u feel like giving a feedback about the plugin then theyhave given a link which takes u to their feedback page.

  7. Finally, if u want to share this beautiful little thing with ur friends no need to open up ur email account and copy paste the link. They have given a simple to fill up form for this. So Njoy !!


  1. Till now i have come across just one limitation rather say this has to be taken care of by us, if u have a song file with a name like 'Summer of '69_english_favorite' or something like tht then it doesn't guarantee the lyrics for tht. U should have the file with the song name only ie. 'Summer of '69' and if possible add the movie/album name in its properties and the singer name if u know.. It searches real fast then.

Hope u'll enjoy ur songs a little more now with this plugin by ur side!!!!

Keep checking for some new stuff !!