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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Yahoo Emotes !

Merry Christmas to All !!

For all the internet addicts and computer geeks this may not be something to be curious about, but all the newbies out there may be interested in knowing about this..

Now coming to the point, have u ever felt a need to express ur emotions through 'emoticons' in a post on a blog or a forum or anywhere u may think of.. ?? Most of u wud have an answer in affirmation.. Some of u wud have even cursed some blogs and forums for not providing the emoticons.. eg. Orkut, the smilies are just too less !!

So now there's some good news for all of u out there... I will provide u with a download link to a wonderful emoticons utility developed by Omkar & Mj which allows u to express ur emotions anywhere on the web even if there are no smilies on the site.. Now this was using Y! emotes.. isn't it just amazing ??? All the credits go to Omkar & Mj.. Thanks to both of them for their beautiful work...
Even some of the emoticons u may see here may be new to u and must not have used or seen them in Yahoo... They are the hidden icons that Yahoo provides.. thts awesome, isn't it ?? You may find the hidden icons on Yahoo's site here : Yahoo Hidden Icons

Now, now but where will u find it ? don't worry i will provide u the download link because if u Google for it u aren't going to find it anywhere on the first page atleast !! And after first page i don't think most of us tend to go beyond..

So here's the link : Download Yahoo! Emotes

How to use it -- its very simple, just click on the emoticon u want to use and paste it using [Ctrl + V], the paste shortcut key !! If u r confused feel free to ask here.. as such there's nothing to get confused..!!! & if u like this do post ur comments here so tht others may know the feedback..

so now Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!