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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Blogger Backup Utility

Yiiiipeeeeeeee !! i found it..

Losing one's own hard written posts is a nightmare for any of us bloggers.. Two days ago a friend of mine lost all his posts, all his thoughts and feelings that he had tried to express in the form of words.. What worst can happen to a blogger.. He had his blog in Wordpress. He called the support centre and asked them about it but didn't get a satisfactory answer from them.. :(

This incident sent shivers through my spine and i just crossed my fingers then.. The first thing i did was to search for a user friendly Backup Utility.. A tedious search resulted in an easy-to-use backup utility for Blogger

I got the utility from here

It has really eased my task of taking backups and i have all my posts safely stored on my hard drive as well as flash drive (for xtra safety) ;)

Believe me its just awesome.. the easiness alongwith great functionality is the main thing that attracts me towards it..