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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Modi - of the people, by the people, for the people

So finally the much awaited results of the much talked about ' Gujarat Elections ' have been declared and again the people remain spell bound by Narendra Modi.. The man who proved everyone wrong this time.. The man who stood against all odds.. The man who knew that the common man is with him and he'll never lose.. "I am CM and will remain CM. CM for me means Common Man.", said this man.

He beat all the poll analysts and proved the exit poll results wrong.. The party won a clean majority with 117 seats, 11 less than that of 2002, from a total of 182. Of the remaning 62 went to the opposition and 2 to others.

The win of BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party) is not the win of only the party but also of every person living in Gujarat.. The media says "Modi is unstoppable." I also think that now no one can stop him.. The man who made Gujarat important on India's map.. He's the one to whom all the credit goes for the overall development of the state.

The opposition party, Indian National Congress still do not know where they went wrong in the campaigning. The speeches they delivered against Modi, 'boomeranged' back to them. They were unable to show the people what they had achieved and what they did for the people of Gujarat in last 50 years. They tried to convince people by talking all rubbish about the Chief Minister, and finally they were the ones who suffered..

Narendra Modi is a clean man who believes in "हूँ खातो नथी ने कोइने खावा देतो नथी" meaning "I do not take bribe and do not allow others also to take bribe." Due to this policy he faced much oppostion and insult from many of the senior party members but at last its the victory of truth ("सत्यमेव जयते ।")

Thats all for now.. I m also delighted by BJP's rather Modi's victory. :)

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