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Friday, August 22, 2008

Something about life...

Life passes by so fast.... Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years they just don't get in my hold... rather anyone's hold... sometimes i really think about this thing called 'LIFE' and a storm of thoughts surrounds me... U have family, friends, relatives but have u ever thought what if u leave the world tomorrow... No, I m not being pessimist and even in real life I m not a pessimist.. but I do get this thought many a times.. It has started recently, I don't know the reason but whenever I get this thought I just get a feeling of serenity.. What's the link between that thought and this feeling ?? I D-O-N-'T K-N-O-W...

Btw, I got the motivation to write something because of Arnab's comment...

There's atleast someone who visits and reads my blog... I have a widget about latest visitors and I do check that widget atleast once in 2-3 days and everytime there are new visitors but none of them comment... Again, I don't know why ??? If something is useful to u, can't u write a word or two to the author.. I don't say write good about my blog... If u don't like the blog just criticize it but atleast do that.... !!!!

Anyway, the days seem monotonous and the nights dreary... I just can't concentrate fully on my work... I just can't give my 100%... Sometimes it seems like Life is playing a game... A game where I am on the weaker side and to win I have to give more than 100%.... Also why do 'people' play such an important role... We don't care what our heart says, but we do care about what 'people' will say. We don't care about our wishes but we do care about what 'people' wish from us.... Why is it so ??? Why do we try to maintain an image which is liked by the people even though it is not what we want to become.... We just finish our lives living for others... This is something to ponder over...

btw, I love reading 'shayris', and these are some which I liked...

Jo likhe hum kuch dil se toh,
Charche humare sareaam hote hai.
Par kya jaane voh tareef karne wale ki,
Shayari me chhupe aansuon ke kitne jaam hote hai.

Yuhi nahi ban jaata hai koi shayar,
Har shayari me kuch paigaam hote hai.

Mehfil me muskura liye toh kya hua,

Tanha aashkon se bhige toh hum har shaam hote hai.

Kalam toh hum sabhi uthate hai,
Par dil ka haal bayan na kar paate hai.

Ye toh kuch aise jhakham hai zindgi ke,
Jise waqt ke vaar bhi na bhar paate hai.

Kaash banane waale ne dil kaanch ke banaye hote

Kam se kam todne walon ke hath main zakhm toh aye hote

Pyaar toh kiya mainey bahut,

magar izhaar na karna aaya …
usney poocha tho mujhsey bahut,

magar ikraar na karna ayaa…

gum mein muskurana humein bhi aata hai...
jhuki palkon mein aansoo chupaate chale gaye...
pyaar ki baazi jeetna humein bhi aata hai,
aapki khushi ke liye hum haarte chale gaye...

These 'shayris'are taken from different sites...

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Friday, June 6, 2008

Bhootnath !!

Hi folks !!!

Its been almost 3 and half months since i posted last...!! Time flies so fast !! Day by day I m getting busier and busier and get too less time to blog... Too sad... I don't even get time to find and try some new softwares like Yahoo Emotes or Lyrics Plugin !!

But recently i took out some time from this hectic schedule and went to watch "Bhootnath" with my cousins... From the trailers I had seen on TV, I had got a feeling that the movie is for kids and would watch it if I got time... ;) btw, i like kids' movies... So it was a hot Sunday night when we all went for the show...

The movie starts with a dreary scene which gives a feeling of a horror movie...The credits part of the movie has been developed brilliantly and I feel that its one of the most creative and wonderful credit part creation of all the movies I have seen....

The movie then suddenly jumps from a horror one to a lively family of three, who shift in 'Bhootnath's' house in Goa... The film has got the pranks of the kids and after the horror start of the movie there's nothing too scary for anyone... The first half i.e. till intermission the movie has all pranks and fun for the kids... In the second half the movie takes a sudden turn and moves to a somewhat family drama with a moral.... The second half is a must watch for all the youngsters of today and even parents I think...

The music of the movie is also good and the song in the second half is really awesome....

Anyway, its 12:00 AM and sleeping time for me... will write something more about the movie soon... and also hope to get hands on some new software....

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Friday, February 22, 2008

I m unable to think of a title !!!

A warm 'Hello' to all the patient readers of this blog... Don't be surprised on reading 'patient readers', bcoz m really very thankful to u all for ur patience to keep visiting my blog every now and then in search of a new post.. If u see the date of this post and the one below this one, the difference is more than a month, which is 'too much' in the blogging world.. In simple terms blogging is maintaining ur 'daily diary' online... But i have seen that just a handful are there who are able to fulfill this definition of blogging... Anyway, my life saw a BIG change within the past month and thts what i m going to share with u...
In the past month the main thing was tht i learned to live without the internet and emails... Just after two days of my last post, A craaaazzzyyyy 'Google' search !!?!?!! my phone went 'dead' and as a result my internet connection also collapsed... :( Initial days were like a trauma for me bcoz in those days i came to know tht i had been totally entangled in this online world and it wasn't possible for me, not impossible but atleast tooooo difficult for me to end my day without checking mails and a bit of surfing here and there... It seemed as if i was cutoff from the rest of the world... I was hoping tht the phone would be repaired within a day or two and again the situation wud be back to normal... But day by day the the chances of my phone getting back to life even after a week seemed bleak... I made a hell lot of calls with my mobile for complaining about my phone but the so called 'servants of the people' didn't seem to have any concern regarding this.. The same answer was thrown back at me everyday, 'ur problem will be solved within a day or two, our men are working on it' and this continued for almost 15-16 days after which my phone was repaired... so in the meantime my 'bad habit' and the addiction to the internet decreased to a great extent.. so tht was a plus point for me... nowadays the priority of the emails and net surfing is almost the last thing... but don't worry i won't stop blogging...

Today also i had to gather some strength to write this coz i was feelin damn lazy to do blogging... so this post is another beginning after a month's break...

its 12:10 AM now and m feeling too sleepy... will be back soon with something interesting....

bye all...

PS: while i was writing this i was constantly thinkin about the title for it but was unable to think of an appropriate one... so gave the above title... If u can think of one, do take some pain to post it as a comment and i'll change it, of course givin u the credits...

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

A craaaazzzyyyy 'Google' search !!?!?!!

Just a few minutes ago, i got a crazy thought... "Can i get the list of all the top search queries the users search for on Google ??" And to satisfy this distracted mind of mine what else could be better than a search on Google itself.... !?!?!

So i entered the terms : "top search queries on google" in the Google search bar and lo, there it was, a long list of about 1,150,000 results... do u also love searching on Google.. Then here it is, the query i fired, for u , check it out: Search query. As always the first result is the most result... so i quickly clicked on the first result and to my surprise i got it.. yes, i got the list of all the top search queries and that too more than i had expected... :)

Now i think that there's some good similarity between me and the people at Google.. ;) Why ?? bcoz the site that i found is none other than the Google Press Center. When u enter the site the title says: "Zeitgeist: Search patterns, trends, and surprises"... "Zeitgeist"... feels awkward, isn't it ?? what a name... but don't worry, the Google people would have expected that people would search for its meaning, so to make ur task easier they have described the word on the site itself... so what does it mean ?
zeit·geist | Pronunciation:'tsIt-"gIst, 'zIt | Function: noun | Etymology: German,from Zeit (time) + Geist (spirit) | Date: 1884 | Meaning:the general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era."

U'll find everything u can think of about the top search queries... It shows the search queries to such a great extent...wow... !! U can even get the list of the top queries within the last 10 minutes.. isn't is amazing ?? One more great feature is that they have provided the top query list "By Country" also.....

So enjoy now looking at the queries and check if ur search is in the top or not...!!??!

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

All the lyrics in ur media player !!

If u r a music lover like me then it for sure tht some or the other time u'd have searched the internet for the lyrics of ur favorite song.. The main problem that i used to face (since i got this beautiful thing, no more do i search for the lyrics on the net) was tht while 'Googling' for the lyrics it hardly happened tht in the first shot i was able to get tht lyrics... The other thing was tht u don't get the lyrics until ur song is complete (i don't know why but it always happens !!).. So u have to play it for the next time after finding the lyrics to sing alongwith the song...

So this time when i played a song, instead of searching for the lyrics of the song i tried searching for a piece of software which can help me in searching the lyrics.. While searching i came across a site which offered a plugin - addon for the Windows Media Player. They promised tht it wud search for the lyrics automatically once u start playing the song !! I was so delighted.. But tht delight remained just till i installed it.. Oh Nooooooooooooooo ...!!! It asked for a registration number and then going back to the site i found tht a few bucks had to be paid for tht small plugin..

Again the task of 'Googling' began with a new spirit this time - to search for a new plugin but for FREE !! The word FREE always attracts us, isn't it ??

It wasn't long before i was successful in finding the real thing.. !! Yes, i found it out.. a FREE plugin for Windows Media Player as well as Winamp..

U can download it from here : FREE Lyrics Plugin

Believe me its awesome.. Its a download of mere 80 KB.. !! Also the success rate for searching lyrics is gr8.. It finds almost all the lyrics.. Remember to keep ur internet connected !!


  1. Very light on the system.

  2. Success rate is awesome, finds almost all lyrics.

  3. U can always edit the lyrics if u feel something wrong somewhere or even the add lyrics if u don't find them.

  4. U can customize the fonts of the lyrics, the font colour, the font size and the background colour.

  5. It provides a 'Search Google' link which on clicking takes u to Google alongwith the song name and singer as the query eg. if u r listening to Westlife's 'Seasons in the sun' then it googles a query 'Westlife Seasons In The Sun lyrics'.. so u don't have to even type for searching the lyrics. ;)

  6. If u feel like giving a feedback about the plugin then theyhave given a link which takes u to their feedback page.

  7. Finally, if u want to share this beautiful little thing with ur friends no need to open up ur email account and copy paste the link. They have given a simple to fill up form for this. So Njoy !!


  1. Till now i have come across just one limitation rather say this has to be taken care of by us, if u have a song file with a name like 'Summer of '69_english_favorite' or something like tht then it doesn't guarantee the lyrics for tht. U should have the file with the song name only ie. 'Summer of '69' and if possible add the movie/album name in its properties and the singer name if u know.. It searches real fast then.

Hope u'll enjoy ur songs a little more now with this plugin by ur side!!!!

Keep checking for some new stuff !!

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Friday, January 4, 2008

Adding 'Post a comment' widget like Wordpress to ur Blog...

So as per my promise, i'll disclose the secret about the 'post a comment' widget like Wordpress in Blogger.

It will look like this after u have added it :

The service is totally FREE and the only thing u need is to sign up for it. It is provided by Haloscan.. sounds familiar, isn't it ?? Initially, u must have seen it when u signed up for the blog... i didn't know what exactly it was meant for and so had removed it from my template..

Anyway coming to the point, after signing up for haloscan u'll be brought onto the Dashboard. On that page u'll be able to see the menu items.

Now follow this steps :

1. In the menu items, select 'Members'.

2. In the sub menu that appears, there will be different options, select 'Install'.

3. Now on the page that opens, select the weblog tool that u've used. For me it was 'Blogger or Blogspot (New Version).

4. Before clicking on the 'Next' button, also select whether u want to 'display trackback code' and/or 'display rating stars'. The rating stars is a new functionality added by Haloscan in partnership with JS-Kit. Its worth adding.

5. After u click on 'Next', u'll be redirected to the 'Blogger Installation Wizard'.

From this step its easy enough, if u follow the instructions given.

And finally after u have uploaded the changed template to ur blog, there u have the easy, fantastic commenting facility for ur readers.

If u r confused or don't get any step, post me a comment and i'll get back to u as soon as possible.

Also feel free to comment if this post was useful to u..

Happy 'comments' reading !!!

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