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Friday, August 22, 2008

Something about life...

Life passes by so fast.... Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years they just don't get in my hold... rather anyone's hold... sometimes i really think about this thing called 'LIFE' and a storm of thoughts surrounds me... U have family, friends, relatives but have u ever thought what if u leave the world tomorrow... No, I m not being pessimist and even in real life I m not a pessimist.. but I do get this thought many a times.. It has started recently, I don't know the reason but whenever I get this thought I just get a feeling of serenity.. What's the link between that thought and this feeling ?? I D-O-N-'T K-N-O-W...

Btw, I got the motivation to write something because of Arnab's comment...

There's atleast someone who visits and reads my blog... I have a widget about latest visitors and I do check that widget atleast once in 2-3 days and everytime there are new visitors but none of them comment... Again, I don't know why ??? If something is useful to u, can't u write a word or two to the author.. I don't say write good about my blog... If u don't like the blog just criticize it but atleast do that.... !!!!

Anyway, the days seem monotonous and the nights dreary... I just can't concentrate fully on my work... I just can't give my 100%... Sometimes it seems like Life is playing a game... A game where I am on the weaker side and to win I have to give more than 100%.... Also why do 'people' play such an important role... We don't care what our heart says, but we do care about what 'people' will say. We don't care about our wishes but we do care about what 'people' wish from us.... Why is it so ??? Why do we try to maintain an image which is liked by the people even though it is not what we want to become.... We just finish our lives living for others... This is something to ponder over...

btw, I love reading 'shayris', and these are some which I liked...

Jo likhe hum kuch dil se toh,
Charche humare sareaam hote hai.
Par kya jaane voh tareef karne wale ki,
Shayari me chhupe aansuon ke kitne jaam hote hai.

Yuhi nahi ban jaata hai koi shayar,
Har shayari me kuch paigaam hote hai.

Mehfil me muskura liye toh kya hua,

Tanha aashkon se bhige toh hum har shaam hote hai.

Kalam toh hum sabhi uthate hai,
Par dil ka haal bayan na kar paate hai.

Ye toh kuch aise jhakham hai zindgi ke,
Jise waqt ke vaar bhi na bhar paate hai.

Kaash banane waale ne dil kaanch ke banaye hote

Kam se kam todne walon ke hath main zakhm toh aye hote

Pyaar toh kiya mainey bahut,

magar izhaar na karna aaya …
usney poocha tho mujhsey bahut,

magar ikraar na karna ayaa…

gum mein muskurana humein bhi aata hai...
jhuki palkon mein aansoo chupaate chale gaye...
pyaar ki baazi jeetna humein bhi aata hai,
aapki khushi ke liye hum haarte chale gaye...

These 'shayris'are taken from different sites...