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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Some changes to my blog...

Today, on the 3rd day of 2008, i tried to do some changes to my blog and finally did those changes successfully..

Now, what changes did i make ??

1. since i started blogging on Blogger, i hated one of its service the most - the comment service. I feel tht its the worst. Instead of commenting, the reader feels like running away.. It asks for ur blogger username and word verification and what not.. I love the commenting service provided by Wordpress. Since last some of the days i used to 'google' for some or the other widget to make commenting like Wordpress. Atlast i found it today.. I found a website which provides these service for free.. U just have to signup and voila ! u r ready to go. Now if u visit any of my posts u'll be able to see "What's ur Opinion ?" comment box below the post.. Isn't it just gr888 ?? check out for my post - "Adding 'Post a comment' widget like Wordpress to ur blog..." in a day or two, on how to enable this fantastic commenting for ur blog.

2. On one of my friend's blog i found a cool widget provided by Feedjit. The widget shows the location of all the recent visitors on ur blog. Initially i had added Clustrmaps which shows the location of the visitors on the world map but it isn't that accurate. U can get to know that someone visited form Africa or India but not the exact location. U have to remain contended by just seeing the country or atmost the state. The feedjit widjet shows u the nearest possible city as well as the source, ie. from where was ur blog found. From that u can know what publicity method is benefitting u the most !!! See this widget on the sidebar.

3. Last but not the least I added a direct link to download one of the best and safest browsers, the Mozilla Firefox alongwith Google toolbar for u. I feel that this is a deadly combination to use for any of the web users. Since almost 2 years i have been using Firefox alongwith the Google toolbar and never looked back on the Internet Explorer. The Google toolbar is worth downloading. Its not just crap like the other toolbars. Had u ever felt a need to make a button or a link on ur browsers toolbar so that u can access it immediately without looking for it in the bookmarks..?? If yes, then this toolbar is for u. It allows u to create custom buttons on ur toolbar and for a start it comes alongwith some gr8 button like Orkut, Google News, Google Scholar, etc. Moreover it shows u the pagerank of the site u r visiting. Now what's this pagerank ?? In simple terms its the importance of the site in Google's views. Regarding Firefox its simply unbeatable with a wide range of addons to suit ur needs. It has addons for a webdeveloper to a movie buff and for a normal user to some download junkie. Just see on the right and u find the download button for this deadly combination.

so what do u say about the changes ??

bye for now.. Keep checking for more..